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America is known as the land of opportunities, a cultural melting pot where anything is possible, and nowhere is that more evident than in Miami Florida. With its large international population, Miami is the ideal location for people looking for a place to learn English. Everyday there are more are people coming to Miami Florida to learn English.

Planning to come to study English in Miami? There are three important things you have to do. First, you have to find English schools or centers in Miami. Then, you will need to talk with them about requirements; moreover, if you will need a student’s visa. As you will probably need a student’s visa, it is highly-advised to choose a place that can help you to get it. Afterwards, you will need to find a place to stay. There are many short-term rentals in Miami, which vary from modest apartments to luxury homes. Be wise an choose your accommodations near the school or center you have already chosen!

Why do so many people choose to come to Miami? Obviously, the huge multi-cultural population is a major draw. Everywhere you go, you can see the influence of diverse cultures that live here. Go almost anywhere in Miami and you are sure to hear people speaking Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc, on the street or in the city's stores, or see signs in foreign languages in store windows. Many employers there even insist on hiring bilingual candidates. This makes it very easy for a visitor to get by here while they learn how to speak English. With such a significant population, there are many classes available at schools throughout South Florida where people can learn English at reasonable prices. If you have trouble signing up for one of these classes, you are sure to be able to find a bilingual resident willing to tutor. Another reason for the draw is the high profile the city has received thanks to South Beach and other tourist attractions located here. Combine all that with the fact that housing costs are not as high as in California and it is no wonder so many people choose to come here over anywhere else.

So, why do people choose to come here short-term just to learn the language? Many are preparing for a future in America now, rather then putting it off and finding themselves in a mess if the town they have chosen to settle down in does not have a large enough population to get by on limited or no English.
They dream of building a better life for themselves and their families and learning English is just the first step in their long-term goal. Still others live in impoverished countries where they are having difficulty getting by. Coming here to work is one way they use to survive, as the dollars they make here and send to their families back home are worth more in their home country then anything they could make there.
They know if they are going to accomplish that goal, it is better to learn the language before hand to communicate with employers and customers. Also, again, many places insist that each employee is bilingual, so this makes finding a job much easier for the person who has planned ahead and learned English. Also, many have relatives that decided to come here to live. Visiting for a short time and learning the language is a way of keeping in touch as well as understanding their loved one's new home, especially if their loved one marries an English speaker.

Whatever their motivation, for these reasons and more, South Florida is the place of choice for people looking to learn the English language. Our Miami travel guide offers information regarding learning English in Miami.

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