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Tipping is well known around the world as a way of thanking someone for outstanding service offered during your stay. In Miami, tipping is not quite obligatory but it is often included in the check. It has become the main income for those who work in the hospitality industries such as in Miami restaurants, Miami hotels, and taxis. Tipping is highly encouraged especially when you feel satisfied with the good service.

Tipping in Miami
is completely discretionary and should be done so only if you think is necessary. If you are absolutely unsatisfied with the service, the proper thing to do is to ask to speak with the manager. The manager is authorized to remove the tip from the check in case it is included.

Restaurant tipping in Miami Restaurants

In Miami restaurants, the custom is to add from 15 % to 18% to the check, when the service is satisfactory. Usually, the tip is not added to your check, you will compute the amount of tip that you wish to leave and add it to your check. However, more and more often Miami restaurants add the tip directly to the check most of the time when the party is greater to 6 people. If clients are not happy about the level of service they may decide not pay it, they would just ask to talk to the manager and instruct that the tip be removed.

As a Miami tourist, you must always double check, so as to avoid over tipping, especially when the service does not deserve it.

Here are some more tips when it comes to Miami restaurant tipping:

- When eating in a buffet restaurant or having a take out order, you should add 10% gratuity to the bill.

- When tipping a Cocktail Waitress or a Bartender, $1.00 or 15% of the bill is tipped. In both cases, tipping is according to whichever amount is greater.

- For a Sommelier or Wine Steward, 15% of the total bottle price is tipped.

- For a restroom assistant or musician in the lounge, $1.00 should be enough.

- If you and your party decide to stay in the restaurant a bit longer or long enough, time period during which the waiter or waitress could serve another party, you should compensate him or her by tipping twice.

Miami Hotel Tipping

Miami hotel attendants
tend to do more than their job tasks to make the stay of tourists more pleasing. As a way of gratitude, the tipping for such services is as follows:

- If the doorman assists you by calling a cab, the proper tipping etiquette should be that of $2.00, if he assists you with your bags, you should give him approximately $1.00 per bag.

- If the concierge helps you with Miami restaurant reservations, $5.00- $10.00 of gratuity is recommended at the moment of service or after the evening.

- For room service, if gratuity is not already included, a minimum of 15% is to be added to the total bill.

- For maid service, you should tip from $1.00 to $5.00 according to the mess left. The tip should be left on the pillow or on the night stand.

- For swimming pool or gym assistant or hotel maintenance nothing should be tipped, unless they perform tasks outside their job.

If you are staying in a vacation apartment or home in Miami, and you need the assistance of the property manager during your staying, you can choose to leave some tip. However, this is not necessary, but it will surely be highly-appreciated.

Valet Parking in Miami

When it comes to valet parking in Miami, tipping should go as follows: $2.00 when leaving/parking your car and other $2.00 when returning. If you are really pleased with the valet parking service, then you should feel free to leave more. It is not always necessary to tip when parking your car, but it is for returning your vehicle. People renting luxury cars from luxury car rentals of Miami, will often be expected to give a little more, yet this is completely optional.

Taxi Tipping

Miami taxi drivers expect approximately 10 to 20% gratuity of the total sum of the service. Of course, this amount goes according to how you feel the service was and how much it deserves. You should also take into consideration their assistance with your luggage and the length of the trip.
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