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Miami is known to be one of the best cities in the world to go out. Over the last 30 years it has become a favorite spot for vacationers, and has a large, growing international population. If you enjoy dining, clubbing, or going out to bars, the choices are many and are increasing. Do not be surprised if you spot a celebrity in Miami, or perhaps two in your night out, as Miami is one of the hottest spots for many celebrities and famous personalities. 
To Start with, Miami’s restaurants and South Beach restaurants offer world-class cuisine or casual dining in beautiful, tropical atmospheres. You can dine on a waterfront Miami restaurant, or enjoy the unique South Beach Art Deco District’s architecture while having a fantastic meal in one of the best South Beach restaurants. Clubbing is one of the top things to do in Miami, and several night clubs are considered Miami attractions.
Miami’s night clubs are world-famous and the party scene can go on all night long, whether you love Latin music, house or dance music, you can pick your choice or enjoy them all. The bars in Miami are also a wonderful place to spend an evening if you like to sit back and enjoy some music while sipping a cocktail. There are some highly-elegant bars, or more casual, depending on your mood and, of course, your budget.

From Miami restaurants to South Beach night clubs, all of the places to go out in Miami have a beautiful atmosphere. The more casual places are very charming, and world famous designers have decorated some of the more elegant ones.

Whether you are looking for a unforgettable night out, or you want to experience the true South Beach lifestyle, there is nothing better than renting an exotic car to move around the city. You can rent a luxury car in Miami for a special night or for a couple of days. Either way you can be sure there is nothing better to be treated like star than arriving to your favorite restaurant or night club in one unique machine.
Our Miami guide, can also help you to find the lodging alternative that suits you best whether  you are looking for luxury vacations or cheap vacations. Just start to think what you want from a South Beach boutique hotel, to a fantastic affordable vacation apartment in Miami.

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