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One way to make your travel more relaxing and enjoyable is to know a little about the place of your destination. The Miami International Airport is very well organized in order to offer a better experience to all travelers. The official website of the Miami International Airport gives lots of information that you are going to use during your trip in or out of Miami.

The Miami International Airport has gates that run from "A" to "H" in which you can find specific airlines arrivals or departures. The international arrival gates are "B" and "E" in both cases easy access to different means of transportations is given to all travelers.

Map of gates at the Miami International Airport

Miami-Info is interested in giving you as much Miami tourism information as possible. If it is you first time at the Miami International Airport, you should see the map of all principal gates and airlines desks that can be found in the airport official site. To see the map mentioned please click here.

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