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When looking for things to do in Miami, many travelers put Miami parties at the top of their list. One weekly party, Metropolis Thursday, is held at Area 51. The festivities begin at 11pm and do not stop until 4am, so it is perfect for all the night owls out there. This Miami party is different since it is focused on the college crowd, especially students in Dade and Broward Counties. However, they also welcome travelers 18 and over who want to meet new people and dance to some great music.

Metropolis Thursday features hip-hop, reggae, and 80's music and is sponsored by several groups. Ladies who arrive early will get to drink free until midnight, while men can enjoy $5.00 beers until then, so it is pretty affordable if you take it easy. Parties in the City of Miami usually want you to dress to impress and this one is no exception. Keeping that in mind, you may want to leave the shorts and ghettos clothes at home. Area 51 is located at 950 NE 2nd Avenue and can be reached by phone at 305-358-5655. Ask about making reservations for this hot Miami party today!

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