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You can know the City of Miami by car, boat (Miami Boat Rentals), or helicopter. However, the quickest way to visit Miami is certainly from the air. Renting a helicopter is very easy and several companies in Miami offer this service.

The most practical thing to do is to depart from Fisher Island. The rental company based in Fisher Island offers different helicopter sizes to fulfill its clientele’s needs. Usually, a helicopter can be rented by the hour. Renting a helicopter in Miami offers great flexibility to fly over Miami with almost no restrictions, including South Beach, Miami, Bal Harbour, and other neighborhoods.

The most amazing views are provided when flying over the Miami skyline in downtown. Miami aerial views are breathtaking. When flying over the Miami waters, you might get a chance to peak one of Miami celebrity's waterfront homes on Star Island or North Bay Road.

Visiting Miami from the sky is the best way to understand the physiognomy of our wonderful city. Also, visiting Miami from the air provides great views of the numerous man-made islands that constitute this modern Venice. Finishing the tour by flying over the coast of the famous American Riviera will offer panoramic views of new oceanfront high rises, the mythic art deco district of South Beach, the beautiful sandy beaches of Miami and its transparent blue-green waters. The grand finale is offered by flying over the extreme tip of South Beach called South Pointe. For a better place to stay in Miami, visit Miami Vacation Rentals.

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