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For a person of German heritage, one of the biggest events that happens every year would be Coral Gables Oktoberfest. It is a wild party that is widely anticipated each year. The Florida festival has a very long and interesting history. The Festival is actually a tradition that dates back to the 1800s when a large celebration was held to commemorate the marriage of the King and Queen of Munic, then a prince and princess.

Although there is some dispute about the actual date of the first Festival, it is known that it was held in 1810 and has been growing and expanding ever since. The first festival went from being a simple horse race to featuring booths, beer and much more years later. While war and other events caused it to be cancelled several times, the event never died out. Now, it is a staple of the Miami events scene. Like the old German event, the Miami version has seen its share of changes as well, including a venue change after its original home closed down.

Today, guests at the Florida Festival can enjoy great Bavarian food, drink and entertainment. It is a chance to relax and have a great time, as well as meet some interesting people. People who do not know anything about the German culture can learn from this event as well. Sure, the addition of beer makes it a bit iffy for the kids, but it is still a fun event that is sure to have more than enough to keep you and all your travel companions happy.

To find out when Coral Gables Oktoberfest is coming to the city, make sure to visit the host’s website at oktoberfestmiami.com. To learn what else is happening each year in Miami, be sure to explore the other pages of Miami-Info.com. To enjoy the beautiful Miami beaches and visit as many Miami tourist attractions as you can it is highly advised to plan in advance. A good tip is to find a Miami hotel or a Miami vacation condo near the event’s venue you want to attend.

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