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Miami’ s apartment buildings are very popular among real estate investors, they either buy them for long term capital appreciation, for income the income producing capabilities or for condo conversions opportunities. Apartment buildings are considered generally speaking as commercial real estate, which means that from a financing procurement point of view a commercial bank or broker needs to intervene.

The market for Miami’s apartment building transaction has been very dynamic and is still very strong, it has been mainly fueled by the unprecedented wave of Miami condo conversions. The number of units in an apartment building vary from a duplex to several hundred’s of apartments. Usually Miami’s apartment buildings of a smaller size are owned by individuals larger complexes are owned by Real Estate Investment Trust called also REIT’s.

How can real estate investors find good opportunities? The most important is to be represented by a professional commercial real estate agent. An experienced realtor will help the real estate investor:
  • To find the right property
  • To negotiate to the best of investor’s interest
  • To make sure that the transaction goes smoothly from A to Z
Each step in the process is crucial. Finding the right property. A good commercial realtor, usually has access to a wealth of information to locate the right property, from the Miami MLS, the specialized database such as loop net that are available only to realtors last but not least his knowledge of the market.
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