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South Beach has become a major part of Florida’s culture and is one of the most famous Miami beaches. The area is also home to the famous Art Deco design style. The city of Miami does its part to celebrate the history and heritage associated with Art Deco by sponsoring a great Florida festival.

The South Beach Art Deco weekend is an annual Florida festival that features the best is music, art and more associated with this old style. Art Deco is a style that is inspired by the early 20th century art and architecture of European countries like Germany and France and first became popular in the States during the 30s. Its unique designs are instantly recognizable and truly define Miami. The term Art Deco was coined in the 1980's to define the styles that were becoming popular in Miami Beach at the time. Some of the qualities that typically define Art Deco are curves edges and corners, neon lighting and round porthole windows.

Typically held in January, the South Beach Art Deco weekend allows the residents of South Florida, as well as visitors the opportunity to buy unique pieces of art to add to their collections. The pieces are sold at auctions and include restored classics. People who are looking to purchase these pieces can attend a wide variety of lectures and talks designed to teach them all about the works. People attending the Art Deco weekend can also expect to be treated to performances of some of the best music from the 1930's Broadway era that is associated with the art style.

That is not all this wonderful Florida festival offers, though. Not even close! After a long day of collecting and learning, guests can cut loose during the night time parties. These parties feature R&B, reggae and more to satisfy almost any musical taste. No South Florida event can be complete without a party!

The Art Deco Weekend is sponsored by the Miami Design Preservation League, a not for profit group. The organization is dedicated to only preserving the integrity of the Historic District in many ways and providing information to the public. Originally started in 1976, the MDPL is the oldest organization dedicated to Art Deco.

If you would like to get the chance to experience this wonderful event for yourself, add the Art Deco weekend to your list of things to do in Miami. It is a large event, attracting over 500,000 each year, so start planning now! You will not want to miss out on this one. If you want more information about the Art Deco Weekend, check out the League’s website at www.mdpl.org. It includes a full Art Deco history, a description of MDPL and will provide detailed information about what you will see at the event.

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