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Posted on Wednesday, 5.26.2010

Art Gallery Miami - Miami Art Guide


Coconut Grove has always attracted artists with its lush landscape, peaceful bay front setting and casual ambiance. Artists from all over the US and as far away as Europe, settled in Coconut Grove and established studios in the 1950’s. The Grove then became known as an artist’s colony, and it was not unusual to see artists setting up their easels on the sidewalks and painting the local scene. By the 1960's there were many thriving art gallery Miami in Coconut Grove as well as Grove House, an artists' co-op. In 1963, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, now recognized as one of the leading arts festivals in the country, was established. Rising real estate prices in the 1980's and 1990's caused most of the Grove’s art gallery Miami to close, but the artists have remained.

Miami art Guide:

Blu Moon Studio of Art
3444 Main Highway
Miami, FL 33133
P: 305 529 5006
Coconut Grove Arts Festival
Mayfair East Atrium 3390 Mary St. Ste # 128
Miami, FL 33133
P: 305 447 0401

Cristina Chacon Studio Gallery

3162 Commodore Plaza
Miami, FL 33133
P: 305 442 2884

GroveHouse Artists
Mayfair Promenade
3390 Mary St. Ste. 162
P: 305 569 3097

Nomade Art Gallery Miami
3133 Commodore Plaza
Miami, FL 33133
P: 336 409 5523

Rodezart.Com Art Gallery Miami
3015 Grand Ave., Ste. 237
Miami, FL 33133
On the second floor of CocoWalk
P: 786.543.7237

Windisch-Hunt Fine Art
2911 Grand Avenue
Miami, FL 33133
P: 772 480 3131


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