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If you have explored the other areas of this website, you have probably seen that there are many sides to the City of Miami. There are Miami beaches for people who love the sun, Miami night clubs for people who want to party all night, Miami events aimed at kids and more. There is also a more cultured side to Miami that is shown through film festivals, ballet performances and other such events. One of these Miami events is Art Miami. The event is usually held in December and features some wonderful work that any art collector, whether a novice or an old pro, will not want to miss.

Art Miami has been going strong for two decades now and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. With over 100 galleries on display, there is much to see here. Great artists from 17 different countries show up each year, bringing more international flavor to a city that is already a cultural melting pot. Artists who display their work here each year get the opportunity to be seen by some of the best art dealers in the business, each one being a recognized expert in their field. This ensures each person who exhibits their work is getting the best exposure possible.

This Miami event is a diverse event featuring a wide range of mediums. From photography to modern art and more, you cannot help but find something to love here. The over 100,000 square foot location not only features wonderful art, it also offers a restaurant and shuttle services for its visitors.

If you are interested in seeing all that Art Miami has to offer, check out their website at art-miami.com. You will be able to get dates and times for the event, a fee listing, and other useful information. They offer special discounts for children under 12, so this is a must for your list of things to do in Miami if you would like to teach your child an appreciation for art. You will also be able to see a listing of exhibitors to the current event and web links to each, so you can learn all about them beforehand. Additionally, for all the patrons of the arts out there, there is information available on how to become a sponsor for the show and contact information if you have any questions not answered here or on their site.

If you would like to receive all the latest information about Art Miami as it becomes available, make sure to sign up for the mailing list, also available on the site and it will be delivered right to your e-mail box. As always, make sure you plan your trip in advance to ensure you will be able to attend. Do not forget to visit the rest of Miami-Info.com, if you have not already, to get some great Miami travel tips and read all about other events coming to the city. You will also be able to find Miami hotel and Miami vacation rental listings and other useful information that will make planning your trip a breeze.

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