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Cars are a big thing here in South Florida. Everywhere you go, you see people driving every model imaginable as they race to get where they need to go. The City of Miami celebrates this by playing host to the annual South Florida International Auto Show.

The South Florida International Auto Show is, like most events here, one of the biggest there is. And the Sunshine State would not have it any other way. The show is an essential stop when visiting Miami for any car lover. The main point of the show is to display all the latest models so people can see what is next for the auto industry. With over 1,000 cars from over 40 manufacturers, there is plenty to see so you will want to plan to spend quite a bit of time there if you want to see it all. There are also a variety of exhibits of concept cars, restored classics and other similar displays, taking you through a complete history of the automobile and showing you where it is going. For the adventure seeker, the show recently added something you will love- Camp Jeep. It gives people the chance to test out 4 X 4's in various conditions so you see exactly what these cars can do. Motorcycle enthusiasts can find plenty of exhibits to keep them happy at the show as well. You can also make plans for that dream lottery win, as there is a display of some of the most expensive models that is a huge part of this event.

The South Florida International Auto Show is a great stop for a traveler on a budget as well. The tickets are pretty cheap, with discounts for kids under 12 years of age. It is also one of the longest running events, having been in South Florida for over 3 decades, so you know it is a quality event. The show usually lasts over a week, giving you plenty of opportunities to check out your favorite exhibits.

As with several other Miami events here, The South Florida International Auto Show is always growing and evolving. It has recently announced a new addition to the festivities: Awards presented by the Southern Automotive Media Association. The group was formed fairly recently and is dedicated to helping the Sunshine State’s auto industry grow and change with the times. Membership in the organization is limited to people involved in the automotive industry such as automotive journalists, auto manufacturers and more.

If you are looking for something fun to do in Miami, make sure you check out The South Florida International Auto Show. You can plan your visit by going to the website at www.sfliautoshow.com. You will be able to see more event details and other important information as it is released. Also, visit the other areas Miami-Info.com for important phone numbers, details on other events and more. The information you will find here will help you plan a great vacation and make it as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

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