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Miami is home of the best South Beach nightlife. There are plenty of bars and clubs that line the city of Miami which attract the tourists to the nightlife where the party does not stop. Enjoy of the many bars and clubs which offer the best ambience and refreshing exotic cocktails.

Since Miami is a melting pot; it is known for its variety of music and different dancing styles. Every evening, the South Beach nightlife invites tourists from all over the globe to dance to the rhythm of Latin music and Tango.

For a more relaxing evening, there are also plenty of South Beach nightlife venues where you can enjoy model watching such as VIP rooms and bars.

There are plenty of things to do in Miami, and number one on the list is to enjoy the many wonders that the South Beach nightlife has to offer.

For a complete listing of clubs & bars, click here.

Best Dance Club
Enjoy the South Beach nightlife at the best dance club in Miami!

Best Miami Latin Club
A night at Atarazana Nightclub is a great way to embrace and learn about the rhythm of the Latin culture!

Best Place to Hear Tango in Miami

Enjoy a Miami nightlife filled with tango!

Best Place to Model Watch in Miami
Grab the best Challah bread French toast in South Beach to accompany model watching at the Maxine Miami Restaurant!

Best Poolside Bar in Miami
Enjoy the best views of the Miami nightlife and the most exquisite drinks at the best poolside bar!

Best VIP Room

Celebrate the Miami nightlife and feel like a celebrity at the Fifth with the best VIP rooms and treatment!

Best New Miami Bar in Miami

Enjoy refreshing drinks and great entertainment at Circa 28- the best new Miami bar!

Best Miami Nightlife Trend

The question is why experience the Miami nightlife in one club when you can experience variety of music, people, and ambience? Go club hopping without wasting time or gas!

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