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Third Street Beach
Third Street and Ocean Drive
Miami Beach 33139

The beach, of course, is one of the main Miami attractions. South Beach has plenty of beautiful beaches to offer to the tourists but this is one of the best Miami attractions the city of Miami provides to all of its guests. In the beach on Third Street and Ocean Drive, not only is the aqua blue crispier and the sand smoother but it is the people that make it the best beach. Relax and take in the summer days of radiant sun and the enjoyable eye candy. This is the spot where most Latin and Europeans lay out in the sun leaving the least amount of white tan lines possible. This is the spot where the hot Brazilian boys soak up the sun wearing nothing but Speedos while playing games of foot-volleyball and paddle ball which also adds to this Miami attraction. At the best beach in Miami Beach, you are bound to enjoy every single sight possible- all part of nature’s best.

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