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Bike Ride at Shark Valley
36000 Southwest Eight Street
Miami 33194

There is nothing like experiencing the art of nature and experiencing another side of the Miami nightlife. At Shark Valley, this romantic experience is only a bike ride away and a great Miami attraction. To start the night, you should get there early, keeping in mind that it is free after 5:15 pm, but the gate closes at 6:00 pm. Peacefully, feel the summer night breeze brushing you hair as you ride through the Shark Valley. Halfway through the fifteen mile loop, you can see the moon from the observation tower. While visiting the city of Miami, you should definitely add this to the list of things to do in Miami as it is an enjoyable Miami attraction. This Miami attraction is far enough from the many city lights, which allows you to truly appreciate the bright whitish-yellowish glow the moon radiates on the darkness of the night sky. You can also enjoy the thousands of shiny stars and maybe even wish upon a falling star.

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