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If there is one thing people love in South Florida, it is a good movie. If you do not believe that, just check out the list of Film festivals that are on the Miami events calendar every year. One of these is the American Black Film Festival. This Florida festival celebrates the very best in Independent films make by the African American community.

This five-day Miami event wants to do more than just show some movies. It hopes to strengthen the film making community by sharing resources and promoting collaborations as well as teaching budding film makers how it is done. It is also a great place to network. Every year, executives from the major studios attend, looking for the next big thing. The Florida festival is home to screenings, premieres, parties and much more. Start planning as early as possible if you want to attend this event. It is extremely popular and has grown in profile since it aired on TV a few years ago.

The American Black Film Festival was founded by Jeff Friday, a major voice in the industry. He owns a film company called Film Life, Inc. that is one of the fastest growing companies in Hollywood. Friday started the Festival a decade ago to try to nurture and promote other film makers in his community. Not only did he create the Festival, he produces it in between his various speaking engagements.

If you are interested in learning more about the American Black Film Festival and its Founder, please visit the website at www.abff.com. You can also direct any questions to abff@thefilmlife.com.

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