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Ever since humanity first left the confines of their immediate homes and began to explore the vast world around them, boating has been a popular mode of transportation. In more recent years, it has become a pastime and sport, as well. Adventure seekers from all over the world set sail every day, braving sometimes rough waters for a chance to see what lies beyond their borders. Boating has another side, too. People often take boats out to calmer waters to spend a day fishing or just laying out in the sun and enjoying the water view.

With its many lakes and plenty of ocean surrounding it, there is no better place to satisfy that call to the water. The City of Miami takes advantage of this by hosting a variety of events dedicated to boating and fishing. One of these is The Miami International Boat Show. The show is produced by the National Marine Manufacturers Association and offers show visitors everything they need to have a great day out on the water.
The National Marine Manufacturers Association is a huge organization made up of some of the best companies. They are responsible for the vast majority of marine related products that are manufactured in the United States. This makes them the perfect organization to plan this event.

The Miami International Boat Show typically allows their guests to see a variety of the latest boats and various accessories. You can even see various engines. This allows people to get a better feel for the products they are interested in buying before most people even know they are available. That is not all there is to this event, though!

Guests will get to sample a variety of great food and drinks while hanging out on beautiful Miami Beaches. You can even take some of these boats for a test run to see just how they run, or just ride on one. There are usually other shops available and Allstate has promoted boat safety by giving free life jackets to kids. Experts are usually around too, to answer people’s boating questions. The boat show also features a variety of workshops and clinics and even a kid’s area.

If you are looking for fun in the sun (and maybe a little adventure) you should consider adding the Miami International Boat Show to your vacation agenda. It is a great way to get the kids off the couch and in the fresh air. They might learn a little something too! Make sure you start planning now, though. Events in South Florida can fill up quickly and you will want to make sure you get to visit when the show comes to town.

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