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In the hit song "Miami", Will Smith spoke of a city where people of all different ethnicities, social groups and races are able to come together and have a great time, partying and relaxing on the beach underneath perfectly clear skies. A place where there's always something to do and "every day's like a Mardi Gras". And so, a very public (and lucrative) relationship was born, that has out-lasted many a Hollywood marriage, and helped to put the city on the map as an A-list hot spot. The city's reputation has only gotten better with time. In the ten years since the song was first played on the radio, Will Smith has kept this bond alive in many ways. Hi movie career was what brought him to the city first, with such films as "Bad Boys" and its sequel, where he played a Miami cop trying to protect a murder witness alongside co-star Martin Lawrence. These productions brought much appreciated revenue to Miami and have helped to strengthen the city's reputation as an ideal filming location. Another production he filmed in Miami was the movie "Ali", earned him much critical acclaim, plus an Oscar nomination. Of course, there have been a few bumpy spots here and there, as with all relationships. During the filming of the Bad Boys sequel, many locals were annoyed that their morning commutes were delayed more then an hour due to the production having to close down a major road. However, no hard feelings have lingered as Will Smith is still a welcome guest in town.

Smith's movie career is not the only thing that has kept him coming back to Miami, though. His music career has seen the actor/rapper filming music videos here as well has performing at local events, such as the annual Y-100 Jingle Ball concert. The show books some of the hottest stars in music to perform on the same bill in venues all over the United States. The nightlife, though, and the people who are part of it are what has enticed Smith the most, saying that while "New York is the city that we know don't sleep", Miami is the city that "brings the heat". He puts his money where his mouth is, too, by continuing to choose Miami as a vacation/party spot to this day. He was spotted just last year cruising Ocean Drive after attending a birthday bash for actress Katie Holmes. He's come to love the area so much, in fact, that he's made a home here. He and his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, bought a home on Star Island for themselves and their three children. He also donated money to the city to help the families affected by Hurricane Katrina to rebuild their lives and homes. It's this level of support for, and promotion of, Miami and its residents that will ensure Will Smith and family will be welcome in "the city where the heat is on" for many years to come.

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