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Posted on Wednesday, 04.15.2009

Miami Travel Tips - Miami International Airport

International travelers arriving at Miami International Airport to take a connecting flight to another domestic or international destination need to clear Customs. Miami travel tips urge you to make sure, before booking your flight, that you have enough time to go through the entire Customs clearing process before boarding your next flight.
Below are the individual steps of the process provided to help you estimate the time you will need. Traveling during peak holiday seasons and peak flight arrival times versus flying during non-peak periods creates a huge difference. Good  Miami travel tips state that you should travel during non peak days and times.

During peak season, your plane risks late arrival due to delays of departures or delays of arrivals. The process from disembarking to clearing Miami International Airport local Customs becomes more and more lengthy. Follow helpful travel tips and add the walking time from the plane to Customs which may sometimes take you up to 20 minutes. Miami International Airport is a large airport and therefore, you should be ready to do some walking just as you would in Heathrow Airport in London. Allow enough time to:

•    Walk to Customs agents
•    Clear Customs
•    Take luggage
•    Recheck luggage
•    Board the plane
Helpful Miami travel tips estimate that a good 3 hours is necessary between arrival and departure to another destination. To book comfortable and affordable Miami vacation rentals for a trip to Miami, browse the Miami holiday rentals at MiamiHabitat.com.

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