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Much of the Hispanic population in South Florida is made up of Cubans. Every year, more and more people leave the country to try and make a new start here in America. Since we are so close to the Country, this makes perfect sense. To celebrate the many contributions the Hispanic people have made to the city, there are many Miami events centered around their cultures and traditions. One of these is the Afro Cuban Dance Festival.

The annual Florida festival is a chance for residents and visitors to learn more about the Cuban people and their traditions and folklore. It is not just educational, though. It is also a great time for all ages. There is much to do during the few days the Florida festival is open, you will want to go every day just to see it all.

The Festival is organized by IFE-ILE, Inc. It is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making sure the rich Afro-Cuban culture is not lost to modern times like so many others have. It is also the only organization of its kind in the State. It is also home to Florida’s most famous Afro-Cuban dance troupe.

While the IFE-ILE is relatively new (it began in 1996), it is a vibrant organization that has been working hard to build its name here and achieve the mission it sets forth on its website. You can learn more about the organization, the Florida festival and more at www.ife-ile.org. You can also call (305) 476-0832, or direct e-mail inquires to ifeiledancecompany@yahoo.com.

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