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Many people think of dance as a physical activity, a way to get exercise. It is so much more than that. Dance is also a form of creative expression and telling a story. From the classic ballets to the hula dancers in Hawaii, there is a long tradition of this. There is a Miami Event that understands exactly what it is about: The Florida Dance Festival.

This annual Florida festival is organized by the Florida Dance Association, a non-profit organization. The organization has been doing its best to promote Dance and to encourage budding dancers since the early 1970s. The organization counts hundred of Florida dance companies among its ranks and does what it can to make these companies a cohesive community. In addition to all this, the company holds tours and provides scholarships to promising students.

The Florida festival is home to great performances as well as Miami workshops and other such activities. Each is designed to further the Association’s goals. If you would like to learn more about the Florida Dance Festival and the Association, please visit the website at www.floridadanceassociation.org. There is also contact information available if you have any questions not answered here or on their site. The Festival is a great way to introduce your children to the cultural side of South Florida or help them to further their own dreams of being a professional dancer.

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