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Posted on Wednesday, 04.15.2009

Bahamian waters - visit the Bahamas

There are a few things you should remember to do as you approach the Bahamas Islands on the Bahamian waters. Check off the required steps below as you arrive and visit the Bahamas.

  • Raise your quarantine flag
  • Raise your Bahamian courtesy flag
  • Prepare vessel registration documents before you visit the Bahamas   
  • Prepare passenger passports
  • Report to the first Customs office that you encounter on your journey. Click here to view the Bahamian port of entries on the Bahamian waters.
  • Only the captain will disembark on shore to meet with Bahamian officials
  • Prepare all permits and information if you bring pets or firearms. Do not bring firearms on shore. Bahamian law permits firearms as vessel equipment; they should be stored in a secured location on your vessel on Bahamian waters. Ammunition must also be declared when clearing port of entry.

Head towards your next destination and move forward with your holidays and visit the Bahamas. You will enjoy unforgettable holidays among the Bahamian waters whether you spend your holidays on a superb luxury yacht, a luxury vacation villa in Nassau or a luxury hotel in the Bahamas.
Check with a Miami boat rental specialist who is up to date with the latest changes of regulations.

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