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Ferrari, the Italian firm produces the most mythical sports cars in the World. Enzo Ferrari founded the company in 1929 which produced top rated racing cars as well as luxurious sport vehicles. There are no other cars that define better what is a Miami exotic car. Ferrari is strongly associated with Miami that featured numerous Ferraris in movies and televisions series shot in the magic city such as Miami Vice and Bad Boys. Renting an exotic car in Miami is exhilirating, renters will join the very exclusive club Ferrari's driver. The best Miami exotic car rental agencies offer a selection of Ferraris available for rent from the F360 spider with its incredible style and amazing power to the F430. Ferraris are impressive for their engines and performance and their breathtaking style. Join the elite of the world jet set and rent a Miami exotic car for 1 day, 1 week or more. Travel in style, rent a Ferrari, charter a luxury Miami Yacht and stay either in a Miami vacation home rentals or in a luxurious Miami hotels such as the Seitai or the Delano.

Some celebrities that drive the Ferrari include:

Magnum Pl- 308
Nicolas Cage- F40

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