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Posted on Wednesday, 3.24.2010

Foreign investors - Miami real estate


In 2008, 36 million visitors and foreign investors entered the United States with non-immigration visas. Business travelers, tourists, students, government officials, representatives of international organizations, and foreign media were included in these numbers.

With close to 5 million visitors or 14%, the bulk of these visitors and foreign investors arrived in California. The next busiest gateway in the country was Florida with 3.6 million arrivals. Oddly enough Vermont ranked third. Also popular means of entry was North Carolina, Hawaii, and Arizona where millions of visitors entered to the country. Close to half of the visitors, 7.3 million or 18%, came from Mexico, the United Kingdom had 5.4 million or 14% and Japan 3.9 million or 10%.

Even if only a few of these travelers and foreign investors, for whatever reason, decide to buy a second home at some point in the future. Imagine the considerable difference it will make in the housing market.


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