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If music is what you love, South Florida is the place to be. The City of Miami plays host to a variety of music festivals throughout the year that will surely include a genre you like. This is also a place of diversity, where people from various cultures around the world come together. These two factors make it an ideal location for HaitianFest.

This annual Florida festival is dedicated to celebrating the city’s considerable Haitian community. It is also dedicated to sharing the culture and music of the country, known as the first free black republic, with others. Like so many of the Miami events held here, this is a very popular event, attracting large crowds for years now. Besides learning about Haiti’s rich cultural traditions, you will also get to meet new and interesting people in a festive atmosphere. The organizers take pride in making each event even better than the last, so you are in for a great time.

HaitianFest is a day-long event that believes that music has a unique ability to bring people together. They feature a variety of acts that range from up and comers to award winning pros, so you will definitely want to put this on your itinerary when it comes to town. In keeping with the spirit of Miami, they also feature tropical sounds to add some diversity to the line up. There is also plenty of great food to help keep you going through the day.

This Miami event is not just for the fans, though. They also welcome members of the press to come each year and cover the event. They offer information on how to get press passes on their website, www.haitianfest.com. Music fans can visit the site to see a list of performers each year as well as check out some great photos, music and contact information. They even do live webcasts! Additionally, the site discusses sponsorship opportunities.

HaitianFest is an outdoor Miami event, giving everyone who attends the chance to enjoy the fresh air and great weather Florida has to offer. Just make sure to protect yourself from the elements by bringing some sunscreen along, especially if you have kids with you. Bug repellent may also be helpful as the day begins to wind down. With an event as big as this, there are bound to be large crowds. Given this, you will probably want to leave early to beat traffic and find a good parking space. If you are coming from out of town, you may want to book rooms and transportation early, as well. Miami-Info.com can help with those plans.

The website features a full listing of Miami hotels and Miami vacation rentals contact information to help make booking a room, apartment, or house simple and stress-free. After all, the point of a vacation is to relax and have fun, right? We also provide information on where to rent cars, where to eat, and many helpful Miami travel tips. If you are still not convinced that HaitianFest is for you, we also offer detailed descriptions of other Miami events.

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