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Asian culture is one of the many cultures that make up the City of Miami. You can see it everywhere you go. There are restaurants, grocery stores and other businesses that cater to the Asian community. Like many of the cultures that make up the city, there are Miami events that celebrate the Asian culture as well as the contributions they have made to our community. One of these is the Miami Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival.

There is great significance to the Dragon Boat Race that is the centerpiece of the Miami event. They are meant to be a remembrance of folk hero Qu Yuan. He was a minister who fought against what he viewed as the harmful actions of the King. He was a vocal advocate for the betterment of the common people and was sorely missed upon his death by drowning by the people. To this day, people who attend boat races toss rice into the water to ensure that his body will not be bothered by the marine life.

The Dragon Boat Race festival is organized by the Miami Overseas Chinese Association. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing unity to the Chinese community as well as working to improve the lives of those in our community. The organization has been responsible for providing food and toys to needy families during the holidays. It is their way of not only helping the community, but eliminating the harmful stereotypes that plague Asian-Americans.

To learn more about MOCA and the Dragon Festival, please visit www.miamidragon.com or call (305) 636-0904. For even more Miami events, be sure to explore the rest of Miami-Info.com. There are detailed listings describing a wide variety of Florida Festivals, Miami concerts, Miami sports and games, and much more. For visitors, we also offer helpful Miami travel tips and local listings.

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