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When passing a bridge, all Miami boats should reduce their speed to idle speed (no wakes should be created, 3-4 miles per hour). Boaters, who rent a vessel through one of the Miami boat rentals, should stick to their right while crossing a bridge in Miami Florida. They also must respect the first come first go principle. Florida yacht charters can provide you with more information regarding this topic.

Miami boats with limited height usually are able to pass underneath most bridges, whereas boats requiring a higher clearance should read signs that are usually posted on bridges that indicate opening hours. Miami boat rentals may give you some useful tips about bridges’ opening hours, which usually change on weekdays and on weekends. Information also can be obtained by communicating with bridge operators on the radio.

Signs and poles found on the intercoastal should be observed with the most attention they often indicate shallow waters and speed restrictions that applied for all Miami boats.
Florida yacht charters are a good option for Miami tourist who wants to enjoy waters in Miami. In some cases, these Miami boat rentals give information about rules and limitations.

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