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Every year, there is an abundance of Film festivals happening in South Florida. And why not? The area has become a hot place for TV and movie production as well as the music industry. It only seems fitting that there are so many Miami events devoted to the art form. Here is yet another one for you: The Italian Film Festival.

The Florida festival is run by Festival president and Artistic director Claudio Di Persia. He’s had over a quarter-century of experience working with some of the most high-profile studios in Hollywood. Di Persia started the Festival, a non-profit company, as a way of promoting Italian culture and art outside of the Country’s borders. The Florida festival makes a point of selecting the films that will best display the Italian culture, so audiences can better understand it.

As with any Florida Festival, be ready for a great time. The Italian Film Festival is home to many parties at some of the more high-profile Miami night clubs. Film screenings are held at various locations throughout the city, giving guests the opportunity to sight see while participating in the Festival.

To learn all about the Miami Italian Film Festival, which is one of several events held in various cities, please visit www.cinemaitaly.com. You will also be able to contact them with any questions through the website. This Miami event is a great way to spend an evening or two and there are always plenty of movies that will suit any taste.

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