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In a city known for its amazing parties, Ladies night is a concept that should not be omitted. There are different types of ladies night; one of them is the free drinking night when all the lovely girls in Miami gather to enjoy the Miami night clubs pleasures. Generally, this occurs on Wednesday night.

Other types of ladies night are the bachelorette parties. Bachelorette parties are such a big trend that many Miami night clubs and even hotels in Miami offer this as a private service. There are also several companies that provide man dancers to the ladies. Usually, bachelorette parties consist of boys dancing in their underwear, some singing, and a lot of audience interaction between dancers and spectators.

The final type we are going to mention, include clubs that offer public shows in which the audience is made up of women in their twenties to early thirties, all of whom are excited. Do not get the wrong idea, most of these shows are healthy entertainment and the audience is compiled of pretty respected women.

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