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If you have explored the other areas of Miami-Info.com, you have most likely seen that there is a long list of Miami events here for those who love the arts. There are museum exhibits, ballets, film festivals and more. One of the big Miami events held in Florida is the Mad Hatter Arts Festival.

This annual Miami event is a great way to expose your children to a love of art without breaking the bank, something any traveler on a budget can appreciate. The free Florida festival features so much, you will be glad it lasts a weekend. You may need that long to explore everything they have to offer! The Festival is named for a character in the classic children’s story “Alice in Wonderland,” a story about a young girl who falls asleep reading a book and wakes up in a world unlike anything she has ever seen before. Given that, there are sure to be some surprises in store for the kids here.

Being an Art Festival, obviously, artists of various mediums are the focal point of the event, as well as opportunities to buy the works you see. However, it also prides itself on supporting the other areas of the artistic community by featuring local up-and-coming musical acts. With so many different talents showing up each year, you never know what they have in store. You may even be among the first to see the next big thing.

The Mad Hatter Arts Festival is a day-long outdoor Miami event, allowing guests to enjoy the great weather Miami has to offer. Keeping this in mind, make sure to pack some comfortable sneakers for your trip. You will also want to make sure to remember some sunscreen and maybe even a hat to keep yourself safe from the sun’s rays. In addition, when attending any event here, it is usually a good idea to get an early start. That way, you will not get stuck in heavy traffic or have trouble finding a parking space. Another advantage to getting there as early as possible is you will not have to deal with a large crowd slowing you down.

If you would like further information on the current festival, please visit the website at madhatterfestival.com. It will have all the information you need to plan your weekend. Here, you will be able to find a full schedule of events, exhibiting artists and other important information. There are even Miami events maps to help you find what you want to see quickly.

If you are having trouble planning your trip to see the Miami Mad Hatter Arts Festival, let Miami-Info.com help you out. There are sections here that will help you find a Miami hotel, rent a car, and pick a Miami restaurant to eat later on. There are also plenty of helpful Miami travel tips you will not want to be without. If you are still not convinced this festival is for you, we also offer descriptions of other great things to do in Miami.

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