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For over 8,000 years now, the art of cartography has helped us all to know how to get where we need to go. It has also documented all the many changes our world has been through over the years as country names, borders, and landscape has changed. Without this process, we would be stumbling blindly as we attempted to move from one place to another. Instead, we can now travel the world with ease whenever we want.

The City of Miami helps to celebrate this important process by playing host to the Miami International Map Fair. This two-day Florida festival is one of the more unique Miami events held each year and is sure to be a great educational experience. It is not only a great place for serious and casual collectors to add to their collections; it also is an ideal place for those new to the art form to learn more about it.

Like many Miami events, The Miami International Map Fair attracts people from all over the world.  It is also considered the #1 event of its kind, fitting accomplishments for a fair celebrating the visual representation of the world we live in. At the fair, you can explore a wide variety of maps and get the chance to speak with experts. You can benefit from their knowledge by bringing your own maps there for inspection. They can help you figure out their origin and other information that will come in handy should you ever decide to sell them. If you do not, the information gathered there can make for some great conversations. The festival also allows you to attend workshops and lectures that will help you better understand the process of map making.

Please visit the website at www.hmsf.org if you are interested in attending one of the workshops at the current festival. They require advance registration, so act quickly. Tickets to the event will also allow you to get the chance to win some great door prizes. The website will also provide you with contact information in case you still have not gotten all the answers you need.

The Festival is one of many programs and events hosted by the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. Accredited since 1979, the Museum is one of the largest of its kind. They are dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich history of the State, as well as the Carribean.

If you are planning to attend this Miami event and you live out of town, let Miami-Info.com help you to make your travel arrangements. You can book hotel rooms and Miami vacation rentals, rent cars or find additional Miami events to add to your travel itinerary with the information provided on the other areas of this site. Miami-Info.com also features a wealth of great Miami travel tips that will help make your trip a stress-free one. Just make sure you start making those plans early. The Miami International Map Fair is such a popular event, you may miss out if you wait too long to make those plans.

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