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South Florida has become known as a hot tourism spot and a place where the action never stops. With a variety of Miami events from small Florida fairs, Miami exhibitions and more, the city of Miami is the place to be. It gets even better when the annual Miami Carnival comes to town.

Miami Carnival is a one day event that brings some amazing entertainment and great sights to residents and travelers. In 1999, Miami Carnival Organizations merged with competitor Carnival Association of South Florida to form the Florida festival we know now. Originally a small neighborhood Miami event, this carnival has grown to become a huge international gathering, with people from all over the world coming to take part and is a huge source of revenue for South Florida.

Allison Hinds and the Alison Hinds Show, Invaders Steel Band Direct from T&T, and Curtis Eustace are just some of the acts that have performed in the Miami Carnival. In addition, you can hear some great music from DJs such as Dorenzo, Rick the Ruler, Super C and many more. If you visit the Florida festival, you can see some great up and coming performers competing for prizes. Some of these categories include Junior Band of the Year, Junior King and Queen of the Carnival, and the Steel Band Bomb Competition. Miami DJs also have a separate category. Every year the Miami Carnival thousands of dollars worth of cash and trophies to its winners so if you are looking for a way to break into the business, this is a good place to try and get some exposure. For the guests just looking to have some fun, who knows? Maybe you will be there to see one of the first major performances by a future star!

The Miami Carnival also features a parade and a variety of vendors to provide food and drinks for the crowd. After spending much of the day dancing and cutting loose, you will most certainly need a recharge! For the more artsy people visiting, there are also a variety of crafts booths where you can find unique handmade creations to take home as a reminder of your day out.

If that is not enough for you, Miami Carnival is also home to a beach party, block party, a boat ride, and even a pageant. With all this, everyone in your group will find something to enjoy here. Miami Carnival is made possible by sponsorships from several companies, including Comcast, Tempo Television, MoneyGram and even the City of Miami itself.

If you want to attend Miami Carnival, you better get to planning now! Miami Hotels and Miami vacation rentals bookings are being made by many at least a month before the event actually begins. If you are looking for a great way to spend a day that will be fun for a whole family, make your plans now to attend Miami Carnival and see it all for yourself. Do not forget the sunscreen and other such items! It is usually a “hot” event!

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