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When some relative or friend comes to visit you, without a doubt you will have to make a stop at the Miami International Airport parking. Also if you are planning to go out of Miami Florida you might need a space to park your car at the Miami airport parking. In which case, you can park your car at the airport’s parking while you are out of the city for a preferential price. Parking at the airport is relatively easy, yet it could be a hassle if you are not aware of the parking system of the airport.

The most important tip for successfully parking at the Miami International Airport is to park near the gate you are going to. For example, if you are picking up a relative or friend that is coming for another country you should park near the international gates, on the other hand, if you are going on a trip you should know the gate assigned to the airline you chose.

The Miami International Airport has two different parking spaces. One is the short term parking located near the terminal with rates of $5 per hour or $25 per day. And another is the long term parking with access through moving walkways on level 3, which offer preferential rates. Only $12 per day for all travelers.

Map of Miami Airport Parking

In order to make your flight easier, knowing the gate you are suppose to enter to take your plane will help you to park you car the closest possible. To know the gate please check your flight ticket or visit the airlines directory. The airport’s parking is really well organized and you can see its map at the airport official site clicking in Accessible Parking

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