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Weekends are times when motorists hit the road and cruise the streets of Miami and South Florida. Riders get together often in small groups and drive together to have a drink, lunch or dinner.

It does not matter if you are a bikes lover with a lot of experience or if you only want to get tips about how to do quality tourism in Florida. Discovering South Florida and Miami on a 2 wheels has a total different flavor, visitors will appreciate the wonderful Art Deco Miami architecture and will discover all major Miami neighborhoods at a slow speed maximizing the sightseeing experience.

In order to rent a motorcycle in Miami, you should have in mind some interesting tips. For instance, you should check first your Miami Hotel or Miami vacation rental to make sure that parking for motorcycles is offered. Also, it is strongly suggested that you plan your expeditions to avoid getting lost in dangerous Miami neighborhoods. Check on the internet the favorite spots where motorists like to hang and joined local riders to leave a comprehensive Miami rider experience. Remember do not drink and drive it is dangerous and against the law, if you are stopped by local authorities under the influence you will spend a night in jail, pay an expensive bail and hire an expensive lawyer. Even if you are from another state, or another country your might be forbidden to drive a car or a motorcycle for decades in Florida. Moreover, non-resident who may try to renew their immigrant visa could be denied based on drunk driving. Floridian residents understand the system most of the time, yet this might not be the case for a non-resident. In Miami and Florida, specialized lawyers can be hired to fight local police enforcement and are usually pretty good at reducing license’s points or more severe penalties.

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