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Harley Davidson exemplifies the ultimate American lifestyle… the freedom to ride in style! When in South Florida either in Miami or in Fort Lauderdale just heighten you adrenaline level, jump on a Harley and cruise our beautiful state.

Start the adventure, discovering South Florida in a totally different way, "Easy Rider's style" (Peter Fonda's way) or "Wild Hogs style" (John Travolta' way). If your dream is to drive a Harley and if you do have the credentials, you will choose the famous Fat Boy, The easy Glider, The Road King or the Softail? Choice is yours! This dream is also affordable; a day will cost around $ 150. In a blink of an eye, you find yourself on top of those modern horses, hair blowing in the wind, listening to the engine's roaring music.

In Miami, there are many motorcycle rentals for locals and visitors interested into rent a Harley Davidson. There are also various concierge companies in Miami that can take car of all the renting process for you. Usually, bike dealers  provide rentals, too.  


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