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Miami Beach Vacation Rentals - Guide Of Miami

Miami Beach vacation rentals are apartments that are rented anywhere from 1 week to 6 months. Most of Miami Beach vacation rentals are apartments rented for 6 months or more. It is estimated that 5% of Miami condos authorize Miami Beach vacation rentals. Guide of Miami tells us that such Miami Beach vacation rentals apartments can be found in the Art Deco district in smaller historic buildings and some in the large, newer buildings in Miami Beach and South Beach.

Miami Beach vacation rentals are ideal for leisure or business trips since you have your own apartment or house for the entire time of your stay, and at a reasonable price. Visitors enjoy the homey feeling and tranquility of a marvelous furnished place. Find one in a guide of Miami. Miami Beach vacation rentals are the perfect place to fully enjoy a Miami vacation!

Larger buildings include :

- Roney Palace Miami Beach vacation rental
- Yacht Club Miami Beach vacation rental
- Ocean Place Miami Beach vacation rental
- Bentley Beach Miami Beach vacation rental
- Bentley Bay Miami Beach vacation rental
- Decoplage Miami Beach vacation rental


MiamiHabitat.com is the vacation rental leader in Miami and South Beach. Call them at 1 305 673.3958 to find the best Miami vacation and corporate rentals. In addition, you can also visit the German version of our page: Ferienhaus Miami.



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