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Posted on Monday, 8.16.2010

Miami Children Activities - Things to do in Miami


The city has many Miami children’s activities as well as plenty of things to do in Miami for adults. And while some establishments won’t allow children without being accompanied by an adult, the script is now being flipped. A law has just been passed that adults without children are prohibited from using 19 playgrounds in Miami Beach.

The new law says adults 18 years of age or older could face a fine if found in a Miami Beach playground without accompanying a child. The new law took effect August 1st and is part of a national trend intended to keep our children safe from predatory adults.

Miami Beach is among the first cities in South Florida to adopt this law and New York City and San Francisco recently passed similar regulations. However, some Miami Beach taxpayers are not happy that they are not allowed to use a playground that their money paid for. Lucky for them there are plenty of other things to do in Miami Beach other than Miami children’s activities.

So if you are over 18 and enjoy playing on the jungle gym or swinging on the monkey bars, make sure you are accompanied by a minor or you might end up being reprimanded by a Miami Beach police officer.

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