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Posted on Monday, 03.02.2009
Other Rules to Know While Driving in Miami

Driving in Miami is simple as long as you remember the basic rules and obey traffic signs.  There are many signs on the streets of Miami placed there for your safety and convenience. If you are driving to Miami or renting a car when you get here, get familiar with a few of the basics mentioned in the Miami City Guide:
Speed limit
Within the city, speed limitations range between 30 to 45 miles per hour. Should you disobey the speed limit and get caught by a police officer while driving in Miami, be prepared to pay a fine. See our articles in the Miami City Guide on radars and radar detectors to better understand and avoid trouble for speeding.
Do not block intersections at a red light
Make sure to stop when a light turns red and never block the intersection. You can get a ticket for blocking the intersection and the fine is likely to be steep. Do not move forward to cross an intersection if you are unable to cross the entire intersection.

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