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The City of Miami is a diverse and lively place filled with flourishing businesses that keep the city on its feet. One of the city's big businesses is tourism. For instance, Miami Florida is home of several hotels that go from the most luxurious to some more affordable. Other travel services like Miami concierge services are flourishing. The City of Miami is full of luxury car rentals, boat charters, tour operators, and other similar travel related services. Every year countless people come to Miami to visit all the wonderful attractions the city has to offer, most famously, South Beach. South Beach is a trendy area of Miami that has a thriving nightlife filled with nightclubs, restaurants and more. During the day, shops and gorgeous beaches keep families entertained. Other attractions that keep families coming back include the Miami Seaquarium and the MetroZoo. The Oakalee Village at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is a great place for families to gather as well. This brings us to another part of Miami's economy: Miami Casinos.

Gulfstream Park was the first. The Park is most famous for its Horse racing, but also includes slots, poker and more. A new building was even added to house the growing business. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, located in Hollywood Beach Florida, is one of the newer additions to Miami's economy. The four star hotel not only features a massive casino, but it is also home to performances by some of the biggest acts is show business today from singers to comedians and more.

The Miami American Airlines Arena and other venues are home to many shows every year from big name bands, to ice shows, to children's tours. The Broward Center for the performing arts also is venue of high profile events. The Miami-Dade County Fair is also a something that draws big crowds. Additionally, Miami has been home to several awards shows recently, too. Besides, Miami gets a boost from the celebrities who choose to film and record here...

One of the biggest events for South Florida was the recent Super Bowl. It is estimated that the big game brought over $400 million dollars in revenue to the city between the game itself and all the events that surrounded it. Not only that, but the city received lots of free exposure that was sure to boost an already booming tourism industry.

Another big part of Miami's economy is import/exporting and warehousing. The city's proximity to South America and the Caribbean ensure this, as well as the large amount of airports nearby. Many companies such as Burger King and Sony have their main headquarters here, as well. Banking is another huge industry for Miami, as evidenced by the large supply of banks everywhere you go.

The lottery is another source of income, used primarily to help the city's schools, which are also a big draw. The colleges in Miami provide countless jobs for the community and bring thousands of new residents in every year as one class graduates and another one begins their college careers. The University of Miami is one. With its high profile football team, lots of students come here, curious to see what the school has to offer. It is also home to many high profile and successful graduates including news anchors, politicians, actors and more. From entertainment, to tourism, to industry, Miami's economy is as varied as the people who call it home.

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