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Posted on Wednesday, 04.15.2009

Prohibitions on Cuban Cigars, Miami Florida travel

Due to the recent restoration of interest in cigars, the public should be reminded of the prohibitions on Cuban Cigars.  The importation of Cuban cigars to the United States is rising. To minimize any confusion relating to the prohibitions on Cuban Cigars, be reminded that there is a total ban on the importation of Cuban cigars and other Cuban tobacco products to the United States.

It is illegal for travelers to bring Cuban cigars back to the United States even if they are purchased in other countries such as Canada, United Kingdom or Mexico. It makes no difference if the cigars were purchased by the importer or if they were given as a gift. The prohibitions on Cuban Cigars extend to orders made via the internet or a catalog.
In addition to confiscation of the cigars, penalties for buying, trading or selling Cuban cigars include fines of up to $55,000 per violation, criminal prosecution which may result in higher fines and/or imprisonment. If you should be tempted to purchase Cuban cigars during your Miami Florida travel, beware that the cigars may be unauthentic or illegal. Do not ruin your Miami Florida travel with unnecessary illegal activity.
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