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The Sunshine State is full of areas where you can experience nature in different ways. From trips to the Everglades to a walk on the Redland Trail or even plant shows, there is something here that any nature lover will enjoy. One of the many Miami events is “Ramble-A Garden Festival”.

Like so many of the events that call the City of Miami home, Ramble- A Garden Festival has grown a lot since it began in 1941. Originally a way to raise funds to buy a truck for the now well-known Fairchild Tropical Gardens, it has evolved into one of the longest running festivals in the state. It is also considered one of the most popular.

The focus of this Florida festival is, of course, plant life. There are typically thousands of different plants offered at the festival each year. There are herbs; palms, fruit trees and more displayed each year, so you are bound to find exactly what you want. While some of the plants offered here were grown at various places close by, many of them actually came from Fairchild’s soil. That is not all there is to this festival. They also offer everything you could need to make a great garden of your own for sale. There are also usually experts on hand to give you advice on how to get your plants looking their best and what to do if your plant should get sick.

Keeping with the family-friendly theme many Miami events here have, Ramble- A Garden Festival also features a variety of activities that will keep your kids happy and occupied while you shop as well as give them a chance to socialize with other kids.

There is not all, though. This Florida festival is a diverse event that allows visitors to enjoy good music, good food and souvenir hunt. It is a good way to spend a day celebrating all the outdoors has to offer. There is so much to do and see, it is easy to make a day of your trip here.

If you are interested in attending this festival, please visit Fairchild Tropical Gardens at www.fairchildgarden.org. Here, you will be able to see when the festival is coming to town, what times it is open as well as a full run-down of all the activities they have planned. You can also check on fees and other important information. As with most popular events, you will want to plan to arrive early. Not only will you beat the traffic, you will have an easier time finding parking. Do not forget to make those travel plans in advance if you are coming from out of town, so you will not have to worry about finding a room at the last minute.

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