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Abokado Sushi, Miami restaurants
Home | July 24, 2024
Abokado Sushi, Miami restaurants 
Located in Mary Brickell Village, this Miami restaurant has attracted many sushi lovers that enjoy international flavors. Abokado Sushi Japanese cuisine perfectly fuses Latin flavors making extraordinary dishes and further symbolizing the melting pot of Miami. With the freshest produce and seafood, Abokado Sushi features a long list of cebiches, tiraditos, and estiraditos served as appetizers. Starters include bigger sushi rolls with exotic flavorful combinations. There is even a list of delicious Abokado Signature Rolls like the “Cinco Pescados” (Five Fish) which includes the California roll draped with salmon, tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, stripped bass, and avocado. You can also choose from the Signature Entrées like the “Tequila-Miso Marinated Chicken” with yucca mash and tomatillo-soufflé salsa or the “Crispy Skinned Salmon” grilled rice cake with red miso-shiitake broth, topped with cilantro cream. Abokado Sushi also features signature cocktails to accompany your dinner. The scrumptious desserts add a sweet finish. The popular “Churros” served with warm mango coulis, white chocolate, and dulce de leche are everyone’s favorite, but the Yuzu Tequila Sorbet also calls for attention.

The contemporary ambience of Abokado Sushi Miami restaurant invites locals and tourists to try the exotic combinations of both cuisines. The calm and relaxing environment are perfect for a night out with friends or with that special someone.

Sunday- Wednesday: noon-11pm
Thursday- Saturday: noon-midnight


Mary Brickell Village
900 South Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida 33130
(305) 347-3700

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