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Posted on Friday, 03.06.2009

Scuba certification in Miami, Miami scuba diving
If you are interested in getting certified to scuba dive, scuba certification in Miami is ideal. There are plenty of professional Miami scuba diving schools where you can learn to dive in just a few days. Vacationers that are not certified may enjoy Miami scuba diving with an instructor after taking a class for just a few hours. The Miami scuba diving course reviews the theory behind scuba diving and is concluded with a physical test in the pool. Learn a fun activity that will get you out of your comfy Miami holiday rental.  
Vacationers who want to dive freely wherever and whenever they want need to get their PADI or SSI scuba diving certification.

The scuba certification in Miami is an easy process that can be done in 3 easy phases:

Phase 1 - Theory and Basics of Miami scuba diving
Diving theory
Miami scuba diving equipment
Effects of diving on the human body
Safety issues
Phase 2 - Practice

Students will practice the theory in a pool or on the beach.
Learn to get comfortable and breathe with their regulators (live in the water)
Learn to decompress and dive safely.
Phase 3 – Theory and Practice Exam

The last day usually involves a written theory exam and physical exam.
A crucial 50 multiple question theory exam.
A physical Miami scuba diving test in which students must demonstrate all the techniques learned during class, their mastering of life safety issues and their ability to dive safely.
After successfully passing the 3 phases, students are officially Open Water certified divers. Of all the diving certification levels, Open Water is the first. With the open water certification, you may dive in scuba clubs anywhere in the world with or without an instructor. If you wish to perform deep dives, you must complete additional levels of diving certification.
H2O scuba dive shop in North Miami
14382 Biscayne Blvd.
North Miami Beach, Florida 33181
Phone: 305.956.DIVE

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