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Do you like to live on the edge? Are you a fanatic of adventure and new experiences? If your answer is yes we have something that might be of your interest, Skydiving. Skydiving in Miami is one of the wildest and more exciting sport experiences that you could ever have. Whether you are a first timer or an experience freefall jumper in Miami you will find the most qualified and professional team of skydiving that will ensure your pleasant, secure, and enjoyable this once lifetime experience.

Most of the skydiving companies in Miami provide you with programs that fit everybody needs. For those who are looking for a rush one time experience there's a course before 'the jump' where you can ask any question or concern you may have and the instructor explain what the skydiving is all about, the duration for the little course is aout 30 minutes depending on the on the number of questions you might make. For those who want to go a little further and become a skydiver there's courses with different levels where you will learn everything you need to surf on the air. Usually the method of payment is 'pay as you go' but if you decide to become a skydiver or want to take the ride for more than once you can get a package price with a considerable discount.

Skydiving companies that operate out of the Miami area:

- Skydive Miami
(305) 759-3483

- Florida Skydive
(800) 583-5867

- Miami Skydiving
(305) 455-1220

- Miami Skydivers
(786) 515-1080

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