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There is so much to do and see when you come to the city of Miami. There are wild parties, film festivals, concerts and more to keep you busy during your vacation. Do not stop there, though. There is something else you need to add to your list, to truly see Florida: a trip to the Tamiami Trail!

This historic Miami attraction was begun in the early part the 20th century and finally completed in 1928. In the true spirit of those times, the trail was completed by a group of adventure seekers. Just them against the elements, determined to complete a job some said could not be done. It took much longer than they intended to finish the roads that would one day take tourists into some of the most famous wetland in the country, but the job did get done.

The journey many take today is much easier then that of the adventure seekers of long ago, but it is still one great trip. It all begins with a shop that will sell you everything you need to spend a day exploring the Tamiami Trail. You might even find the perfect souvenir to remember your journey by. For gun enthusiasts, there is a shooting range where you can get in some target practice and sharpen your skills.

One essential activity to add to your list of things to do in Miami is an airboat tour. These crafts are a great way to see Florida’s most famous body of water. Guides accompany you to draw your attention to special sights and the many animals that call the everglades home. Make sure you bring some earplugs, though! These airboats are loud. A great way to discover Miami's Tamiami Trail is by car. You can rent a car at one of many agencies in Miami, yet if you want to travel in style you should consider a luxury car rental of Miami

A little more about the Tamiami Trail

If you get hungry during your journey, the Miccosukee Restaurant and Miccosukee convenience store are there to provide you with plenty of choices to get a recharge. Once you are ready to get back in the action, you might consider a bike ride through Loop Road. There is plenty of shade along the small road to keep you cool and you will get to see a variety of wild life. After you are done, why not stop at the Big Cypress Gallery and get some great black and white shots of the creatures you have just seen?

Did you know that Florida has its own Bigfoot legend? It is called the Skunk Ape. This creature is supposed to be over seven feet tall and live in the swamp. There is even a research facility on the trail dedicated to finding out more... although, they do not have much luck. Your best bet at an animal encounter is checking out the zoo on site that is home to Macaws, pythons and more. There is also a gift shop for more souvenir hunting. Some of the other sites along the Tamiami Trail Miami attraction include a boardwalk and a State Park.

If you are looking for an outdoors experience like no other, consider adding a trip to the Tamiami Trail Miami attraction to your agenda while in Miami. It is a great stop for the whole family.

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