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Posted on Tuesday, 08.18.2009

Tattoos in Miami Florida - Miami Guide
Tattoos in Miami Florida are definitely popular. Reality shows about tattoos in Miami Florida have proven very successful.

Tattoos are still gaining ground in 2009 - but not only on skin.  Tattoos are the newest, hot decorating trend in Miami Beach as well as other parts of the country. 

Tableware designers are now incorporating tattoo themes on plates, mugs and bowls. Tattoos have also found their way into furniture and fashion sold at stores found in the Miami guide

Miami Beach is at the forefront of the new trend. Luxury brands such as Gucci and Coach have jumped on the bandwagon.

Miami luxury stores found in the Miami guide such as Bal Harbour and Collins Avenue are showing off their latest tattooed luxury goods. 

If you spend your holidays in Miami Beach and want to be part of the scene but not willing to get permanent tattoos in Miami Florida, just use the Miami guide to enjoy shopping in Miami.

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