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Bozenka's Bellydance Academy is a belly dance school with a mission to educate, inspire, and entertain the most diverse audience possible about Middle Eastern dance, music, and culture, and to teach an appreciation of traditional dances while expanding into new frontiers.

At Bozenka's Bellydance Academy people of all ages can take classes and learn how to perform the belly dance technique. People can take a single class or they can choose between several packages. A single class cost around $15, while the 10 classes package cost $120 (valid for 15 weeks), and the 5 classes package cost $65 (valid for 9 weeks). The academy also offers private lessons that are available only with appointment if you are interested please call 305-538-1608 to schedule.

The school offers the traditional beginners classes on Mondays and Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:00. The schedule usually changes, so it is a good advice that you to check their website before:
www.bozenkasbellydanceacademy.com. A 8 week session in the beginner’s level has a cost of $100. To register please call (305) 538-1680.

If you are not a beginner, the academy also offers other levels. The days and hours are different, so you must check its website to get the information needed. Another class that we can highly recommend is the Belly-Fitness. The Belly fitness is designed to work out your muscles, help you burn fat and tone while you dance, work-out, and de-stress to belly dance music. The class is given on Mondays from 11am-12:30pm and it has a cost of $15 per class.

Bellydancing through Egypt is an exiting class in which you will travel through different regions of Egypt as you learn expressive, flirtatious and sassy styles of Egyptian Bellydance. You must not miss the New veil class were you will take your veil movements from ordinary to spectacular. The academy also offer several events during each month visit its website for more information about the classes and special events.

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