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Miami is a city like no other in the United States. Every year thousands of visitors come to this fabulous city. In Miami, the South Beach area is a great tourist destination with many Miami attractions, restaurants, shops, and an interesting mix of different cultures European, South American and North American all enjoying together. On the beach, you are likely to find topless women lying on their backs. If you do not have a problem with nudity, this would not be a problem for you. Finding topless women is more usual between the 16th street and 18th street, but the truth is that Miami topless bathing is perfectly acceptable everywhere on Miami Beach.

If you are looking for a nudist beach, Haulover beach in Sunny Isles (approximately 110th street and Collins) is the perfect destination. Whether or not you are pro nudity, this is an experience that you might be interested in.

At nights, it is common to find private clubs that offer to their clients topless shows. One of the most emblematic showgirl clubs is Madonna which is located on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach. Usually, it is also possible to find entertainment shows with dancing topless girls. For more information about where to find top free activities you can view local’s newspapers, talk about with your travel agency; otherwise, you can surfing the web, where you can find anything you want.


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