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The Miami International Airport is one of the premier airport facilities not only in the state of Florida, but also in the entire nation. The facility, centrally located in the heart of Miami, not only serves travelers flying into and out of Florida, but it also contributes to the betterment of the surrounding community. Their luxurious facilities and casual atmosphere allows first-time fliers to be comfortable with their traveling experience. The Miami Airport also has several passenger-friendly amenities that fliers will undoubtedly remember. With their friendly staff and great facilities, it is no wonder why Miami International Airport has often been rated in the top three airports for international travel.

Miami International Airport provides many opportunities to give back to the community and culture of the southern Florida region. With art exhibitions and cultural programs available throughout the wings of the airport, travelers have an opportunity to expand their knowledge before and after their flight. The Miami Airport has several displays of some of the community’s best local artists that convey what the region is about. Some past exhibits display ideas and personalities in society, including the Investigating Freedom Exhibit and the She Changes Exhibit by Janet Echelman.

The Miami International Airport also supports and encourages a relationship with the community in many other ways. The airport has a strict environmental policy that strives to uphold the best standards in their operations to promote clean air and minimize the amount of pollution. The Miami-Dad Aviation Department has an official Environmental Division that strives to meet several standards, including strict asbestos compliance regulations, airport civil engineering standards, fuel system administration and environmental response activities. With the airport’s strict regulations, residents of the surrounding community can be assured that the planes are not a detrimental aspect to their well-being.

In addition to the community support offered by the Miami International Airport, the facility also takes pride in their superior customer service. Every year, administrators reward those employees that have been recognized in terms of their excellent customer service. For instance, the 2005 award winner received an all-inclusive trip to New York City with limousine rides to and from the airport. The management of the Miami Airport recognizes that customers are vital to the success of their facility and they want to ensure that travelers will continue to use their services for all of their travel needs.

The Miami International Airport not only strives to achieve success in regards to the number of travelers that frequent their services. They also measure success in terms of how they are helpful to the surrounding communities. As described above, Miami International Airport offers several opportunities to give back to the community, but there are many other ways, too. The facility promotes cultural opportunities as well as many regulations to protect the surrounding environment. Whether you are a frequent traveler through the southern Florida region or a resident of the surrounding community, you can be assured that the Miami Airport is dedicated to satisfying your needs.

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