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March, 2007

Miami International airport is one of the busiest airports in the US, like most big airports frequent problems might arise. Miami is ranked # 11 out of the first 16th Us Airport in terms of passenger satisfaction, which is often the case for big airports. Here a few tips to know what to expect and to be prepared.

Users found the following flaws:


  • The signage is sometime not very visible making it confusing
  • Luggage slow to be delivered on belts
  • Misplaced luggage
  • Airport workers do not speak English but Spanish
  • Level of efficiency seems not to be at par with other American airports
  • Smelly bathrooms
  • Wheelchair assistance is not very efficient
  • Users complained of not having access to free internet
  • Information desks are too few and employees badly trained
  • Custom clearance might prove lengthy at times, specifically during holydays.
  • Deficient phone card machines, users actually lost their monies in those machines.

Miami International Airport knows about those complaints and they are working hard at fixing problems. The phone issue is the best source of travelers’ complaints, if travelers use their cell phones they will not be impacted.

The cost of Miami International Airport internet access is $6.95 for 24 hours.

Outside signage seems to be a problem for some users, specifically for the ones coming up to pick up international travelers 2 international signs, E International, B international. International arrivals are done through the E door, and both garages are leading to this location.

The Miami airport officials are aware about the airport flaws and are working hard to improve things.

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